Integrity Moments

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A Dimmed Perspective

For several weeks one of the overhead lights in my office area had dimmed dramatically. Although I knew it needed to be replaced, I grew accustomed to the darker setting.

One evening, maintenance changed the light. The next morning, I was amazed as to how well I could see my work. It not only gave me a better view; the changed light also brightened my outlook.

In business, we may not...

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Integrity Moments

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The Missing Overseer

A team without a functioning overseer will lack the necessary oversight to care adequately for their customers. This became evident when I took my son to a Wendy’s restaurant recently.

The young male clerk was busy ringing up customers as fast as possible. The cooks were cranking out sandwiches, and the manager was totally absorbed with the drive-up window.

Everyone was so foc...

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Integrity Moments

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The Power of Isolation

The hard thing for many to grasp about the “Me Too Movement” is why these women did not speak up sooner?

A professional woman who has been at high levels in corporate America recently shared with me her perspective. She stated that women serious about their vocation come to realize that speaking-up has been typically a death wish to their career.

Very few women would ever disc...

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Integrity Moments

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Re-engaging the Disengaged

There are times when a good employee suddenly becomes disengaged. They begin putting in the minimum hours possible. Their work gets sloppy and assigned tasks go undone.

Susan David, in a past Harvard Business Review article, has three great ideas for engaging the disengaged:

1. She recommends assigning the disengaged workers more authority and responsibility.

2. ...

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Integrity Moments

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Following a Legend

In his early 30’s, Jim was charged with becoming CEO of the family business. Jim’s father was a legend in their industry, making this task overwhelming for Jim at times.

Jim often confided in me about his fear of ruining the business that his father had built. Joshua had a similar experience.

God charged Joshua with replacing Moses, one of the greatest leaders ever. Joshua was fear...

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Integrity Moments

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The Importance of Self-Control

Years ago, a consulting client of mine was in a printing-related industry. The two partners had lots of opportunities within their industry, many of which were strategic to their future.

That’s why I was stunned when I discovered the two partners seriously discussing buying a donut franchise in addition to their business. Fortunately, I convinced them it was a bad idea.


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Integrity Moments

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An Adventurous Age

Tom Hill, my friend in St. Louis, is an inspiration for many. His sense of adventure at 83 years old is remarkable.

Tom runs fifteen miles each week and he recently registered for a marathon. His Eagle Summit conference inspires hundreds of leaders and Tom travels frequently, encouraging others.

Tom reminds me of Caleb. In

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Integrity Moments

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Saying No

When I was a new Christian, I struggled with choosing between pleasing friends or pleasing God. A pivotal moment came when my drunken peers at the Graduate School of Banking decided their mission was to get me to a strip bar.

The Holy Spirit convicted me to take a stand. I told them, “No,” and locked myself in the restaurant bathroom until they left.

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Integrity Moments

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Socializing at Work

Sometimes work can be lonely. Socializing can seem inappropriate, or hard to navigate between the sexes. A Harvard Business Review article reports that “Eighty-one percent of women feel excluded socially at work.”

This revelation can be discouraging, but then I’m reminded of the story in John 4. An ostracized Samaritan woman was at her workplace; a well, drawing water alone.

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Integrity Moments

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A Special Day

When I was a child, September was a big month. In our immediate family, there were three of us with September birthdays.

A birthday is one of the few times in the year to help someone feel special. Holidays are celebrated by all, but a birthday is an opportunity to be personally recognized.

Many insurance practices have been built on remembering a customer or prospects birthday. Employers can also show their appreciation by...

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