Integrity Moments

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Faith in the Spotlight

In her new book, “Faith in the Spotlight,” “Inside Edition’s” Megan Alexander highlights several instances when she took a stand due to her faith that was counter cultural.

Megan once shared in a Christian women’s magazine about she and her husband’s decision to abstain from sex prior to their wedding. When her editor learned of the story, he surprisingly asked Megan and her husband to be f...

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Integrity Moments

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Racial Healing

In 1968, as a 12 year old boy, it was unnerving when my family pulled up to a police blockade one block from my grandparents home in Kansas City.

The police officer told us to go home. There had been race riots that day due to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Racial tensions engulfed the nation with fear.

Although it seems we’ve come a long way since then, we still have far to go.

1 Corin...

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Integrity Moments

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A Simple Observation

Years ago, my office in a bank lobby had a large glass window to the outside. One “Good Friday” had been a lovely sunny day, until early afternoon.

In just moments a total darkness settled over the city. My office filled with people as they came to marvel at the sudden darkness.

A co-worker proclaimed, “This is like the original Good Friday.”

In Luke 23:44 it says, “...

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Integrity Moments

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Maundy Thursday Surprise

Today is Maundy Thursday. On the night of the Last Supper, Jesus, the Son of God and Savior of the universe, modeled for us a surprising act.

In ancient times, Maundy, which means, “washing someone’s dirty feet,” was one of the worst jobs a servant could be asked to complete. Yet, on Jesus’ last night, He humbled himself and washed the feet of his disciples!

Many business leaders are not kn...

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Integrity Moments

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Engage Your Employee Day One

How many of us started a new job only to encounter paperwork, a bare desk and a lonely lunch? Stunned, we contemplate, “Did I make the right decision?”

A recent Harvard Business Review article, “How to Get an Employee Up to Speed?” suggests this check list:

1. A clean and “stocked” workstation

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Integrity Moments

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His Plans, Not Ours

While leading a corporate department for a large organization, Vicki was performing her third annual review for Steve. During their discussion, Steve transparently disclosed that he and his wife wanted to start a family, but Steve’s wife desired to move to her hometown.

Knowing Steve as a man of faith, Vicki encouraged him to pray. As Christians, we know the plans God has for us are the priority--more specifically, God first, fa...

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Integrity Moments

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Highlighting Blind Spots

My friend, Phil, serves on a local hospital board. After reviewing the hospital’s investments, Phil challenged the board with this question.

“The mission of the hospital relates to helping people be healthy. Isn’t it hypocritical to own tobacco stocks?”

Phil was surprised how few of the board members understood his concern. It seemed that they had compartmentalized their investments and the...

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Integrity Moments

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Douglas vs. Tyson

When Buster Douglas fought the Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Mike Tyson, Tyson was undefeated. The Las Vegas odds were 42 to 1 against Buster Douglas.

Despite being knocked down in the 8th round, Buster roared back, becoming the first boxer ever to knockdown Tyson. Buster became the new Heavyweight Boxing Champion!

After the fight, Buster revealed that his mother had passed away 23 days prior to the fight, motivating him ...

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Integrity Moments

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Run with Perseverance

My wife, Kathy, doesn’t like suffering alone. She appreciates finding someone who has, or is, suffering through a similar problem to compare notes and share life.

On occasion, I’ve seen Kathy meet someone with a similar dilemma as Kathy may be facing. Without thinking Kathy has been known to blurt out, “I’m so glad to hear that.”

Then she will quickly explain that she’s sorry for t...

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Integrity Moments

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Suffering and Perseverance

As a Senior Vice President for a large organization, I was once appointed to lead a task force to report on and resolve a challenging issue. Unfortunately, our research report concluded that the real problem revolved around my boss and his decisions!

The same boss who had appointed me to lead this task force, was not pleased.

Soon thereafter I was demoted and suffered through a dark time. Looking back, that hard...

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